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What is VIM?
How can VIM benefit you?
Mission Statement
Who are the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters?

What is VIM?

Founded in 2008, Volunteers in Mission,VIM, is a ministry program in which men and women work with and among poor and marginalized people. Our volunteers commit themselves to the values of service, global justice, and spiritual growth in a faith community sharing the charism of the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters.  

Volunteers are involved in: 

  • Tutoring local school children
  • Teaching ESL classes
  • Caring for the sick and elderly;
  • Building and repairing homes;
  • Ministering in retreat centers;
  • Serving in soup kitchens and shelters;
  • Working with women recently released from prison and rehab centers;
  • Sharing individual talents and gifts with those less fortunate.


Volunteers in Mission
Bernardine Franciscan Sisters
450 St. Bernardine Street
Reading, PA 19607
Phone: 610-796-8972


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